What We Teach



Fox Trot


Cha Cha




Country Western




And More!

Arthur Murray® Makes It Easy!

Dance as much as you’d like! Personalized lessons taught at your pace: Private Lessons, Group Lessons and Practice Parties!

Want results in your dancing?

Taking all three types of lessons will be your most effective and efficient way to become a confident social dancer in no time.


Private Lessons

Scheduled at your own convenience, Private Lessons are used like your core curriculum. Focused on learning the dances you want to become proficient in, you and your instructor will work the technique to make your dancing feel more comfortable.

Group Lessons

Every night we offer different Group classes, that focus on one or two dances per session. This is similar to your general education, but in dance. Designed for your feet and balance, group lessons give you pattern repetition to speed up the muscle memory process.

Practice Parties

Twice per week we have Practice Parties where you get the chance to put your dancing to the test. This can be seen as your lab course. We play a variety of dances throughout the session and practice becoming good social dancers!